• Gift wrapping and packaging
    All prints are packed in bubble wrap and shipped in a carton envelope or tube for safety.
  • SIZES IN CM and inches
    cm or 8,3" x 11,7 inches
    30x45 cm
    or 12" x 18 inches
    50x70 cm
    or 19,5 x 27,5 inches
    70x100 cm
    or 27x39 inches
  • What currency is the pricing in?
    The pricing is in Swedish kronor/ SEK

    Examples of converting into other currencies

21x30 cm
230 KR/SEK approximately

23,37 USD
33.33 CAD
21,06 EURO

30x45 cm
280 KR/SEK approximately
28,45 USD
40,58 CAD

25,64 EURO

500 KR/SEK approximately
50,81 USD
72,47 CAD
45,79 EURO

800 KR/SEK
81,29 USD
115,95 CAD
73,27 EURO

  • Custom and personalized orders
    Requesting prints that aren't available at the store at the moment is possible. Please note some images may not be available. Use "custom order"-listing for this.

  • Discounts
    Discounts and coupons are not valid for prints larger than A3-sized (30x45cm/12" x 18 inches)
  • Shipping time
    When you've ordered, please allow 1 week for the order to be shipped. Shipping varies depending on which country. Sometimes it can be stuck in customs and therefore take longer. Tracking is ONLY available if purchased. All orders are sent without tracking if not bought in store. I will replace and help out everything around when it comes to packages being lost or damaged in shipping IF you bought tracking.
  • Will the models sign the print?
    No, sorry, they will not. We don't live close to each other so it will be much more work for me but also the model if we have to meet every week to sign. Occasionally I do have a signature offer with various models where they sign, these offers are usually active for a month and are announced when they start.
  • Are personalised messages available?
    They are. But please be aware that I will decline if I feel that it's something I can't stand for. Message requests that say or implement that we have some kind of relationship is a big No.
  • Are there any reviews?
    Of course! Please look at my old shop since I can't find any way to get reviews here on Big Cartel: