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Discounted prints - ready to be shipped!
only ONE each.

no 1. Lotte, sizing is 340mm x 479mm = 34cm x 48cm
no. 3 Starfucked close up, 21x30 cm matte (not as sharp as it is supposed to be)
no. 4 Starfucked bikini, 21x30 cm glossy (colour in hair vary from original)
no. 5 Starfucked harness 21x30 cm matte (not as sharp as it should be)
**Raven and kite can be found here instead:

Please note some of them are discounted prints because of fawlty, others because I've printed for testing. It all says above! All the prints are in good condition however!

Original prices are:
21x30cm = 240 sek
30x45cm= 280sek