Tracking - shipping option calendars /A4/A3 or 50x70cm/70x100cm

35,00kr - 90,00kr
  • Tracking - shipping option calendars /A4/A3 or 50x70cm/70x100cm

Prices are in Swedish SEK. To convert price write price to currency, for example,
40 SEK to USD in a converter and you will get the price in preferred currency.

Calendars A3 (28 x 37 cm)
A4, 21x30cm (210x305 mm) / 8,3" x 11,7 inches
A3 30x45cm (305 x 450 mm) 12" x 18 inches

50x70cm (500x700mm) / 19,5" x 27,5 inches.
70x100 cm (700x1000mm) / 27" x 39 inches

Please select where to be shipped;
within Sweden or "EU/not EU" for other countries and which size. If your order 1 50x70 or 70x100cm but also smaller sizes you still need to buy the tracking for the bigger sizes. If you choose wrong you'll need to paypal me what's missing.

*Please ONLY choose Sweden if you LIVE in Sweden. It's more expensive shipping outside of Sweden and if you choose that and live in for example US, it will be wrong. Thanks*

This fee will be applied to your total and a tracking number will be sent to you when I've shipped your order.